How It Works

See How it Works

Which one is the bigger problem? Organizing an event? Or finding storage for the gifts that you will never use?

What if there had been a way to let your wishes known so that your friends could choose the gifts from them?

That's Wishkiya for you.

A website where you could set up the event, send your invitations and also set up your wish list of gifts that your friends can directly buy from.

Unless you specify that you do not wish for any gifts from friends and family, having a registry or Wishlist allows your guests to pick from a selection of gifts that you would love. A registry takes the guesswork out of the task, giving your loved ones’ confidence that they are purchasing a meaningful gift that you will love. A registry also helps keep tabs on which registry items have already been purchased by another guest, saving you the hassle of having to re-gift that fifth alarm clock from your great aunt once removed.

Choose your Event

We've put together a series of templates for the important milestones in your life and more. You can choose a premeditated template, or choose one which you can edit. Fill in the details of the event and you are all set to send the invitations across. You can also go to the Wishlist section from here by simply clicking on the Wishlist button.

Make sure you add as many products as your invitees or more, so that nobody is left out!

Create your wishlist

Register with Wishkiya and create your wishlist as per your event. Choose gifts from multiple categories as per your budget

Tips for Registering your Registry

  1. Have Several Price Points. Make sure to have a wide range of price points to select from. There are many registry ideas at affordable prices, but there are plenty others that allow family members to splurge if they choose to.
  2. Involve Your Other Half. Whether you or spouse is the shopper of the household, make sure to work together to pick out the items that you will both enjoy.
  3. Add enough gifts to cover all your guests you are going to invite through the portal. The number of gifts you register for is based off the number of guests invited to your function.
  4. Set it Up Early.Make sure to do your research and add your registry items to your  registry checklist early on so that your guests are not scrambling to find gifts at the last minute
Invite your friends and Family

Choose only those guests whom you want to share this website with and get the gifts that you want. Choose any template and send it to their email address or facebook. Don’t worry we won’t share your information with anyone unless you want to. The only people who will see your wishlist are friends and family that you have shared with.

Enjoy your gifts

Now you can get your gifts delivered to you as well! We hope you enjoy what you truly wished for!

Wishkiya....aur mil gaya.